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Boxing+ Workout of the Day

Boxing DVRT Kettlebells Workouts
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If you have taken a class with me – you know I like to put my workouts on sticky notes whenever possible and tape the to the bag for a reference and today I am bringing them back for a “best of” from past classes.

The Format

Twelve 2:00 minute rounds with 25 seconds of rest between each round.

The Warm Up

20 seconds on/10 seconds off of the following 3x through:

  1. Arm circles/shoulder rolls (small forwards/backwards, big forwards/backwards, shoulder rolls)
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Squats (normal, sumo, with calf raises)
  4. Lunges (forward, reverse, lateral)
  5. Pushups (regular, staggered left, staggered right)
  6. Situps (regular, butterfly, straight leg)

The Rounds

  1. Jab/Jab/Cross (move with the first jab)
  2. Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Cross
  3. Cleans
  4. Jab/Left Hook/Cross/Right Uppercut
  5. Jab/Jab/Cross/Right Hook/Left Hook/Right Uppercut
  6. KB Swings
  7. Cross/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
  8. Jab/Cross/Left Uppercut/Cross
  9. Weighted Lunges
  10. Left Hook/Right Uppercut/Right Hook/Jab Out
  11. Right Hook/Left Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
  12. 4 Seasaw Presses/2 Bicep Curls