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Which WordPress Caching Plugin Is Right For You?

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Most people can agree on one thing: they want their site to load faster. With a number of WordPress caching plugins now available – it is nice to see someone that did a comparison between the top contenders: Remember – your results will vary based on your hosting environment, your theme, your plugins, etc. Read more


Working With WordPress Shortcodes in Template Files

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Ever need to include the functionality of a shortcode in a WordPress template file? Awhile back I needed to create a template that auto changed some of the shortcode parameters depending on the URL it was accessed from. (Think single gallery page – that depending on the GET variables of the page – would show a specific and that gallery specific options. Instead of creating multiple gallery pages with the gallery shortcode hardcoded in – I decided to make one gallery page and then change the contents by simply modifying the URL using some GET variables which worked out great.... Read More » Read more


WordPress 3.0 (beta1)

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I have been testing WordPRess 3.0 for a few weeks now and have been very happy with what I have seen so far. The merge of Standalone WordPress and WPMU code is huge for me as you then only have one code base to maintain and develop for. As always – the developers continue to make WordPress easier and more robust with every release. There are some great new features which make WordPress more and more appealing to both small and large companies looking for an easy to use and maintain CMS. With WordPress 3.0 – there are now “custom... Read More » Read more

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WordPress 2.9 – An Amazing Update

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I have been working with WordPress 2.9 now for a few weeks and I cannot remember the last time I was so excited with the new features of WordPress. There are countless little improvements most users would not notice, but there are some killer new features that should not be overlooked. First and foremost – working with images just got a lot cooler! Thumbnails Finally after creating several custom plugins for this – there is now a simple way to select and then use a thumbnail for each post. Simply add a few lines of code into your theme’s functions.php... Read More » Read more WordPress

WordPress 2.9 RC 1

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Well – it is that time again – another new version of WordPress is coming out in the next few days (WordPress 2.9). I am running WordPress 2.9 RC 1 here on and only one issue so far. If you have not read anything about the newest version soon to be available and you use WordPress, check out: WordPress 2.9 New Features/Changes. Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: Little WordPress Gems

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Every once and awhile while looking through the WordPress documentation, I find little gems. Here are a few that I found particularly interesting: wp_page_menu Easily create a menu with the home page appended onto the menu with a lot of parameters. Similar to the standard wp_list_pages, but with some different possibilities the_search_query I have seen several ways to get this, but this is by far the easiest, quickest, and most secure. wp_reset_query If you use conditional tags, you will end up going crazy at some point and then will realize this is needed. Note to self everyone. Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: Custom Taxonomies

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I recently worked on a project where we needed something sort of like tagging, and sort of like categorizing – but neither really worked as there would be way too many exclude this and only show that stuff involved. I needed a way to classify certain content, have easy access to it, and display it in a manner that be effective and quick. After exhausting all ideas – someone pointed me towards using “Custom Taxonomies” and it was a perfect fit. What is a taxonomy? Simple – a way to group things. Why not use categories and or tags? An... Read More » Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: Get the Current Page

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I was writing some functions that are used in the admin for my commercial WordPress theme: Lucidity and stumbled upon a great variable in WordPress: $pagenow. This variable will return the current page you are on and is great form admin functions – especially those that you want to only make available on certain pages. To use this – just add it to your functions as a global variable, then you can use it to load in specific js/functions: This proved to be very helpful when dealing with some finicky JS. Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: Jappler Category/Tag Feeds

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Perhaps you come to this site because you personally know me or like some of the WordPress hints I like, or like my CSS posts, or just like my personal rants (which seem to happen less…hmm I need to get on that!). If you are only interested in some of my posts but not others, you can easily subscribe to just certain “subjects” very easily. For example, lately I have been posting on a certain subject each day. (WordPress Wednesdays, etc). If you are only interested in reading those posts, subscribe to this RSS feed: Perhaps you only want... Read More » Read more

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Linkfest Thursday: July 9, 2009

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Here are some links that I have found interesting over the last week or two – and hopefully you will as well. Hulu collection of Michael Jackson’s memorial Missed the broadcast of his memorial service or just want to see the best parts? Check this out in minutes, not hours. RIP Michael. WordPress Console Check your WordPress code, play with WordPress functions, etc all within a “console”. Perfect for the theme or plugin developer! Paul Oakenfold’s Podcast All the sudden I realized it had been too long since I listened to one of my favorite DJs of all time. Now... Read More » Read more