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Because I always forget…to change the text editor that svn uses with the commit messages, just type in this command (if you use bash):
export SVN_EDITOR=vi

*Substitute vi for your editor of choice.
**Personally, I once was a pico/nano fan, then I moved to emacs, and now I am a vi person.

16 thoughts on “HOWTO Change the SVN Editor”

  1. Ben

    Do you frequently need to include a lengthy message? I practically always simply use the -m option to specify a message on the command line.

  2. Christian

    If you use svn with cmd.exe on Windows you can do it in the similar way. Create a new Environment Variable and set it’s value for example to notepad

  3. Vinicius Pires

    Thanks, dude!
    Also is a good idea to put this setting inside a initializer to your shell..
    In case you are using Bash, that would be editing ~/.bashrc (or ~/.bash_profile) and putting this command there…

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