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Sometimes it is Just a Matter of Finding the Right Project

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I have probably been busier the last four months than any other time in my life. I have not had more billable hours than usual, but I have been doing a lot of learning, debugging, learning to better debug problems, and organizing. For years I had been talking about improving my PHP and Javascript skills but as much reading/training as I did – nothing really sunk in until I found the right project to help me along and to motivate me like I wish I was years ago. I just wanted to take some time out and thank three people... Read More » Read more


Generation Social

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As a history major – I tend to look at everything and find trends, think about what historians will write about our time, and all kinds of fun things that drive Amy crazy. The other day while I was thinking about playing Super Mario 3 on my Wii, I thought about the definition of being social (“interactions between people”) and then thought that my son Evan’s generation will most likely view our generation as very unsocial. We wrote letters that took days to deliver, interacted with people very limitedly, played games by ourselves, and worked independently. Our definition of communication... Read More » Read more


It is Apple Keynote Time Again…

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I love the day of big Apple keynotes given by Steve Jobs. While rummaging around for a disk utility last week – I found my copy of the Macworld 1999 keynote where the Blue and White G3s and multi-flavored iMacs were announced. I had a smile – I eventually owned both and thought they were the best thing ever! Anyway – my friend Ken asked me if I still got as excited as I used to – and the answer is definitely yes. I love everything about the keynotes…but I especially enjoy the post keynote reactions from the people I... Read More » Read more


Battlefield 1942

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Well, after hearing my brother-in-law was a hardcore Battlefield 1942 player still, I decided to pick it up so he could experience my wrath. I also pulled in a few friends (Ken and Doug). I finally got it installed and even played a quick round this afternoon to get used to the controls. So – if you still play this old, but good game, I will be playing under the screen name of [beckett]. (Thomas Beckett) Read more


web hosts, the journey continues.

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Ken often asks me: “what is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?”. The last time he asked I told him I would take a cab to a Land Rover dealer and buy myself a Range Rover. I would like to continue my response to add that I would then drive home and go to and buy three Xserves. Two for web servers (one main, one failover) and the other Xserve as a development server or backup server (or game server). I would drive my new Range Rover with the Xserves in the back to... Read More » Read more


People In My Life

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Just a quick post to thank Ken for helping me (via video conference and telephone). Ken, feel free to call on me for some CSS magic at any time 😉 When I am overwhelmed and need an entertainment break, I often search for people I know, today I came up with a picture and article about my very talented cousin ;). Read more


Old Fun Technology

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I love technology, both new and old. When my friend Ken was visiting last week, we went to an awesome exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry: Game On. The exhibit featured a lot of my favorite childhood games (mostly console) and made me think about all the cool “tech” toys I had as a child and was a lot of fun. (If you live in the Chicago area, you should check it out) Regardless, the one game I completely forgot about was the Speak & Spell and I recently found an awesome link that allows you to play... Read More » Read more