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Boxing DVRT Workouts

Got Cardio?

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If nothing else – I can look back on 2020 and say even though Imay have been in lockdown do to COVID-19, I pushed myself to get in the best shape of my life. This workout has combines three of my favorites: Ultimate Sandbags, boxing, and pushing myself to the limit. Read more


Something to Think About…

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My favorite boxer Canelo Alvarez posted something this morning with a powerful message which I absolutely love: “One day or day one. Your choice.” Read more

Boxing Workouts

13 Round Tuesday

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Time mix things up a bit with some different combinations. End the workout with 3 rounds of shadow boxing with a focus on moving and cutting angles. Footwork is key! Read more

Jappler Recommends TV

Now Watching: Kath & Kim

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Last week I was looking for a new show to watch and someone recommended a show called Kath & Kim. My friend that recommended the show grew up in Australia and she said it was “uniquely Aussie” and that I would love it. Read more