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Step by step guides to help with technical issues that I have worked on over the years.

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How to fix: svn: error: The subversion command line tools are no longer provided by Xcode

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 6 Comments

As I was getting ready to do my first svn check in today – I got an error that I had not seen yesterday: “svn: error: The subversion command line tools are no longer provided by Xcode” My operating system: macOS Catalina 10.15.3 Apple’s documentation on how to fix this: The solution: Open: The Terminal App Type: xcode-select –install After the install is complete – run your commands as you did before the error Read more


Fix for Bold Fonts Looking Bolder in Chrome

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

If you noticed your fonts in Chrome looking more bold in Chrome than Safari – there is an easy fix. Add this in to your stylesheet (body or specific CSS class/ID): Example: h1 {-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;} You can see the difference: Before: After: Read more

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Mac OS 10.2.2 SSH Keys Passphrase Help

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

If you are like me and a few days ago – noticed that you were getting prompted for your passphrase when using your SSH keys (instead of using the keychain) – here is how you can make a small change to no longer enter your password each time: Read more

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Add Bootstrap Classes to the Next and Previous Image Buttons

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments

When viewing media (usually the image.php template) within WordPress – there are buttons to browse the next and previous buttons that you might want to customize if you are creating a Bootstrap WordPress them. If this is the case – styling the buttons with Bootstrap is easy. You can simply add the following to your theme’s functions.php file. Note – you can change the btn-default class to btn-primary or whatever you need. Read more