HOWTO: Switch Order of Edit/Copy/Delete Column in phpMyAdmin


Want to change the location of the Edit/Copy/Delete action icons in phpMyAdmin but do not know how?

This was driving me crazy. So many of the tables I work with use IDs and I was accustomed to viewing them all left to right. A few versions ago in phpMyAdmin something changed an the action icons started showing up on the left which made things harder to find for me. I finally decided enough was enough and found the needed configuration to put these items back on the far right side of the columns.

In the file – add this line in:

$cfg['RowActionLinks'] = 'right';

Note you can have these icons show on the left, right, both, or nowhere. Here is the official documentation:

It may sound like a minor change but if you are looking at a lot of data – this little change makes a huge change in my daily workflow.

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