My Grandmother & Blackberry Pie

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Two memories that always make me smile – my grandmother and her blackberry pie!

When I was younger I enjoyed spending time at my grandparents’ house. Everything was a little more relaxed and focused on spending quality time together. My grandparents had more TVs in their house than anyone I knew – but it was more likely to find them watching for hummingbirds on the carport than to find one of these TVs on. I am not sure if they just liked to have them in each room or what – but when we spent time with them it was all about spending time playing cards, badminton, taking walks, watching my grandfather mow his lawn (a true art form in itself) and most importantly – making and eating delicious food.

If we were visiting at the right time – we would walk up the hill behind their house and pick blackberries for a fresh pie later that day. My grandmother made an amazing homemade crust and then baked it to perfection. It was such a treat to eat and soon became my number one item requested any time they visited or we visited them (a close second went to her homemade noodles).

Fast forward a few decades later and now it is me that is making the pie for my kids. I have her handwritten recipe, her measuring cups, and her glass rolling pin but most importantly the same joy that comes seeing my family members enjoy it.

While I love a good blackberry pie, to see the same excitement and joy in my kids’ eyes is almost better than eating the pie itself. I hope my kids will one day carry on the tradition of their great grandmother and share amazing recipes, food, and time with their kids/grandkids too.

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