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Quote for the Day

This is a perfect quote that relates to just about everything and anything. After a bad day – I always come back to this. “Losing a game is heartbreaking. Losing your sense of excellence or worth is a tragedy.” -Joe Paterno


We Are…A Family

Some people do not understand it, others think I/we are crazy, but losing Joe was hard. He was more than a coach, a public figure, and an educator…he was part of the family.


Doing the Right Thing – Giving Back

I had been waiting for the call since November 9th, 2011 when everything started to unravel. I went over the conversation in my head over and over. Sometimes nasty – other times supportive. When I saw “Penn State University” on the caller ID last night as the phone rang I was not sure what I […]


Feel Better Soon Joe Paterno

There are few people that I admire more than Joe Paterno (Penn State’s head football coach). He inspired me when I went to my first Penn State football game when I was three years old, and he still inspires me today. During our last game in Wisconsin, one of the plays ended up on the […]


Coach of the Year: Joe Paterno

Not surprising to me, but finally Joe Paterno gets the respect he deserves: Coach of the Year. Good job Joe. I never doubted you. PS. Happy birthday Joe Pa! Why I love Joe: he makes me want to be a better person. (from ESPN article): Now Paterno is in vogue again. Maybe more than ever. […]


A Real Class Act and Win #350

Joe Paterno has once again shown the world that there is more to winning and losing…there is sportsmanship. On Saturday October 22nd, 2005 during the PSU v Illinois game, Joe Paterno reached another coaching milestone…win #350. After the first few minutes of this game, it was clear it was going to be a blow out. […]


Way to Go Joe!

Last year at this time, it was really hard to watch a PSU game…not becuase they would most likely lose, but because the sports announcers would spend a good chunk of the game discussing how Joe Paterno needs to retire. I was fed up and disgusted…but can you guess what story made the front page […]

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That Time of Year

Well, I have one last weekend before the madness begins. The Penn State fight song and other Blue Band classics will be heard blasting from my office and iPod. My priorities shift…golf on Saturdays will take a back seat to college football. I, of course, love Penn State football and Joe Paterno, but living where […]