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Well, I have one last weekend before the madness begins. The Penn State fight song and other Blue Band classics will be heard blasting from my office and iPod. My priorities shift…golf on Saturdays will take a back seat to college football. I, of course, love Penn State football and Joe Paterno, but living where I do, I get a lot of other great football games too (note, Notre Dame games are not great nor watched in my home…unless they play PSU). I have tickets for one game already…was going to be two, but a wedding messed up my plans. (damn weddings!) This season will be Joe Paterno’s 40th season as head coach (56 years total with the PSU football program) and I cannot wait to cheer him on!

PS. It is also that time of year for some Quake 3 Arena. It was time to start playing one of my favorite games ever to relieve some of my stress. If you are interested in playing along with me and Ben (and soon Drew) let me know. I am debating whether or not to set up a server so we can play some of the good, classic maps like DM 12, DM 6, DM 7, CTF 4, and that crazy map where you are in some kid’s room but you are about the size of a little. If you want some competition, my Q3A name is Jappler, and I will be the one fragging you. 😉

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