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Apple Autos Serenity Now!

How I Fix Hardware Problems

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If you know me…and have seen me work with hardware, you know my style of troubleshooting. First – read to see if others are having issues. Second, make sure all the connections are working. Third, look for the dumb reasons why something would not work (electrical, buttons). Fourth – use force to beat the hardware. At first step four was out of frustration. Then, Apple made it an official option with my old displays. I quote: …you can most often break the adhesion between the grid wires by using the heel of your hand to moderately impact the side of... Read More » Read more

Autos People

Customer Service

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I have always found myself sticking with companys that offered really great customer service. Personally, I would prefer to pay more to get good customer service than to pay less and get frustrated every time something goes wrong. On that note, I love Land Rover. Not only does the company make amazing cars, they treat their customers like rock stars. Evan, Amy, and I made a trip to the Land Rover dealer on Saturday to enjoy a complimentary inspection. Not only did they have complimentary inspections, they catered in lunch, had free massages, and had off-road demonstrations. Evan brought his... Read More » Read more


The New Volvo S80…There is Hope

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Everyone that either knows me or has followed this blog for awhile knows that I have been very unhappy with what Ford has done with the Volvo line since they bought it. Perhaps times are changing because the new Volvo S80 looks awesome. Why? Ford did not mess up the design, I actually like it. (Think BMW 700 meets Audi with a touch of Volvo…not Ford Tempo meets Mercury Sable). The backend is still not as sharp (in my opinion) as my S80 (2000…see picture in the header above), but it is still very Volvo. You can now get a... Read More » Read more


Audi Q7 (Which Leads into a Volvo/Ford Rant)

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If you know me, you know that the slogan “Volvo for Life” is perfect for me. When I was in college, my parents bought me my first car so I could have one for my five week archaeology field school in Virginia at Thomas Jefferson’s home at Polular Forest. I then traded that in for a 1998 S70 which I kept for a few years, but in the back of my mind knew I would not be happy until I have a S80 T6, so I bought one of those and drive it today. Sad news came a few years... Read More » Read more

Autos People Serenity Now!

Volvo 1, Souped Up Civic 0

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Well well…if it is not one thing it is the other. I went to pick up Ken this morning at O’Hare and as we were in the first toll booth, stopped, waiting for the person in front of me to pay…smash! I did not know what happened for a few minutes, but then we realized we were hit from the back. No high speeds, no air bags deployed, but I thought for sure I would walk around and see a huge dent or something on my beautiful S80 T6. When I looked around, I only saw a little scratch. Then... Read More » Read more

Autos Serenity Now!

Volvo For Life?

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Dear Volvo, I have been a loyal Volvo owner since I bought my first car almost ten years ago. I know ten years might seem short, but believe me, after I had my first ride in a Volvo, I knew there was no other car I would want to drive and safely get me from point A to point B. This is my Volvo story. I grew up on a small Native American reservation in western New York. All of my parents’ friends drove Ford and GM cars and trucks. I had family that worked in a GM plant. My... Read More » Read more