How I Fix Hardware Problems

Apple Serenity Now!

If you know me…and have seen me work with hardware, you know my style of troubleshooting. First – read to see if others are having issues. Second, make sure all the connections are working. Third, look for the dumb reasons why something would not work (electrical, buttons). Fourth – use force to beat the hardware. At first step four was out of frustration. Then, Apple made it an official option with my old displays. I quote:

…you can most often break the adhesion between the grid wires by using the heel of your hand to moderately impact the side of your display under the Apple logo on the right, then left side. Using moderate force does not damage your display.

Today I ran into some hardware trouble in my car – my super finicky – already been replaced “CD Error” prone CD changer in my Volvo. Last time I got the “CD Error” my Volvo dealer had to send the changer to Sweden so they could send my back my CDs. Since I no longer have the luxury of a warranty, I had to take matters into my own hands. After getting the error, I decided first to read the manual – no mention of the error message. Then I tried resetting the unit – figuring that some sort of button combinations would do the trick. Third, I powered off the unit, powered it back on, switched inputs…no luck. After this – and the thought of paying way too much money to get it replaced…I started punching it…and wouldn’t you know – I enjoyed listening to a CD on the way home.

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