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Fix for Bold Fonts Looking Bolder in Chrome

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If you noticed your fonts in Chrome looking more bold in Chrome than Safari – there is an easy fix. Add this in to your stylesheet (body or specific CSS class/ID): Example: h1 {-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;} You can see the difference: Before: After: Read more

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Add Bootstrap Classes to the Next and Previous Image Buttons

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When viewing media (usually the image.php template) within WordPress – there are buttons to browse the next and previous buttons that you might want to customize if you are creating a Bootstrap WordPress them. If this is the case – styling the buttons with Bootstrap is easy. You can simply add the following to your theme’s functions.php file. Note – you can change the btn-default class to btn-primary or whatever you need. Read more

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HOWTO: Target Firefox for Specific CSS

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Generally – the best way to handle CSS is to keep it simple, clean, and without any hacks. From now and again there are some times when I need to write CSS specific to IE (using conditional comments). I recently came across a site where I needed to target Firefox because of a width issue. This is the first time in my many years I ran into this – and tried a number of hopeful solutions but nothing worked. I then found that if I used: @-moz-document url-prefix(){} that that would work out and only Firefox would use the styles... Read More » Read more

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WordPress Themes Over the Years…A Look Back and Then into the Future

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After working with WordPress for over five years now, I have seen a lot of changes both front-end and backend – both for developers and for users. I work for the most part on WordPress themes for a few hours a day and have been doing so for the last 3+ years full time. As I wrap up the final changes for my company’s commercial WordPress theme Lucidity – I wanted to take a few minutes and point out some of the changes over the years and also talk about where I think themes are going. I remember back in... Read More » Read more

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CSS Tuesday: Images as List Bullets

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There are plenty of ways to spruce up the boring bullets used in HTML lists. The best way and most browser compatible way I have found to do this is using the following code: You can see that here: Example of fancy bullet Another bullet point Vs. The plain list: Example of fancy bullet Another bullet point Something like this may seem simple, but it is often overlooked and can really dress up a site. Read more

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CSS Tuesdays: Keeping it Simple

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I just released my fist two commercial WordPress themes: Lucidity and Lucidity Catalog with a focus on simplicity. After creating over one hundred custom WordPress themes – I decided to take my most requested features, coupled with a slick admin interface, and some really simple XHTML and CSS and put it together to create a really easy to use and customize theme. If you looking for something really easy and clean – take a look at the CSS used. You can see that a little goes a long way! Just remember – keep it simple. When you overcomplicate – you... Read More » Read more