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Let's solve problems, create solutions, and enjoy the process.

I started and own a web development business – Sandbox Development and Consulting Inc and have been creating web development solutions for over 15 years. which I work with all kinds of businesses and professionals. I specialize in creating dynamic database driven solutions that empower users.

What to Expect

My company Sandbox Development and Consulting Inc. is built on three core concepts: standards, a strong work ethic, and honesty.

  • Standards: Regardless of the project at hand, I believe using industry standards is always the solution. Standards are in place for a reason, and not following them often causes work arounds and more complicated solutions in the future.
  • Work Ethic: I believe that hard work and dedication to your employer/project/tasks is very important. I also believe that it is better to take the time to do something right the first time, rather than hurrying through a job just to get it done. If you build a solution for a coworker or a client, feedback before, during, and after development is key. I believe that open communication between you and your users is possibly the most important part of a project and should be considered during every step of the project, no matter how big or small. I would rather take a few hours before and while I am working on the project, instead of spending hours and days listening to the users complain because the solution does not meet their needs.
  • Honesty: In order to provide an effective and solution, I also believe that you need to be upfront and truthful with the users. If you cannot provide exactly what the user needs, I believe you need to sit down with them, explain why you cannot meet their needs, and then focus on other possible solutions. I have seen too many projects fail because the developer lied and promised features that they knew they could not provide. In most cases, if we just were open and honest about our solutions, we can find something that will work for both sides.

Let’s Work Together

I value meeting and working with new people all over the world. If you are interested in working with me and my company – please contact me for more information.