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I Voted: PSU Alumni Trustee Election 2012

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I have been waiting to vote in this election (Alumni Trustee Election) since November of last year. While it is no secret who I want to win – I have high hopes for these three new members. Let’s hope the new elected trustees ruffle a few feathers and can get Penn State turned in the right direction. On another Penn State note – this weekend is the Blue & White game. It will be a great and a sad day. Let’s hope our new coach has a great first experience in Beaver Stadium. Read more

Penn State

We Are…Penn State

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Another sleepless night for me left plenty of time to think about the current situation and Penn State, what we can learn from it, and where we go from here. I, like many other Penn Staters, have great pride in our alma mater. The foundation is deep and something that you just cannot explain unless you experience it for yourself. Our alumni association is the largest dues-paying organization of its kind in the world. We are not defined by the actions of a few – but by the actions of all. We get together almost every Saturday in the fall... Read More » Read more

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My New Bike

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I have been looking into buying a bike for about a year now. I had a Trek when I was at Penn State and decided I wanted to get another. Because of my busy schedule I have just not had the time to get out and actually get one, but last Friday after stopping by a neighborhood garage sale (early) with a friend – I saw a purple Trek with an aluminum frame, front suspension, and a price I could not beat. When I first saw it I was ready to easily pay $100 but the price tag said $40.... Read More » Read more

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Call for All PSU Friends to Gather…

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I received a long awaited phone call yesterday – from one of my favorite people of all time: Amy G (now Amy M after getting married). We had not spoken for some time – but it was great to catch up. Amy was Amy’s (my Amy) roommate freshman and sophmore year. Not only did we catch up and talk about our great times at Penn State – we decided that it would be great if we could get together again back at Penn State during the Penn State Blue and White game (annual spring scrimmage) on April 25th. I am... Read More » Read more