coach of the year: Joe Paterno.

Not surprising to me, but finally Joe Paterno gets the respect he deserves: Coach of the Year. Good job Joe. I never doubted you. PS. Happy birthday Joe Pa!

Why I love Joe: he makes me want to be a better person.
(from ESPN article):

Now Paterno is in vogue again. Maybe more than ever.

The doubters who cried for change, who thought Paterno was hurting the school by refusing to let go, have had to eat their words.

But don’t expect Paterno to call out his critics.

“To be honest, I really have never thought that way. It’s not my nature,” he said. “I’m not a vindictive guy. I don’t read the papers. I realize the media’s got a job to do and I realize the alumni, if they’re interested in your program, are going to die when you lose and so forth, and a lot of them get carried away.

“What good does it do for me to say, ‘I told you so.'”


109,839 fans filled the stands at Beaver Stadium on a cold and rainy evening to watch the PSU v. Ohio game. 109,839 people in attendance, millions of home viewers, and my grandmother in her hospital bed, staying up until almost midnight…watched an awesome and well balanced game with Penn State leaving on top.
We are now ranked #8 in the AP top 25…and are only 1 of 2 teams that have a 6-0 record (other team is #3 Va Tech). Next week we have another tough game…at the Big House but I have faith that if we keep playing as good as we did the last two weeks we have a great chance of winning, and winning the Big Ten conference.

Go PSU and go Joe! I never lost faith 😉

WWDC day 2.

Well, who would have guessed that so many Penn Staters (that I either know or know indirectly) are here at WWDC. I sat down next to someone that remembered going out to a bar with me back in college. Across from us at the table sat someone that I worked with at the Penn State help desk, and then later I met people that work in the office that I worked in before I left Penn State. Wild!

Day 2 summary: Penn Staters are everywhere.