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How to Empty Trash with Google Drive

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 7 Comments

Over the last week – I have been trying to clean up my files and delete any non-essential email in order to tidy everything up. After deleting a number of files – I noticed my quota within Google Drive was still showing the same percent full before and after I deleted the files. Read more


Google Attachment Warnings

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While composing an email this AM – I dragged in a screenshot of a page and mentioned in the email text to “…the screenshot attached.” When I tried to send the message – I got this alert: Read more

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Jappler Recommends: Google Drive

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I back up all my files locally and then on to Amazon S3. I am not sure what made me give Google Drive a test but I did and I have been very happy with it ever since. What is it that I like better than everything else I have tried? Since I am always logged in to Google for email, calendar, reader, etc – it is right there. I can access my files from a great web interface and even view over 30 file types (even if I do not have the application needed to open them locally) I... Read More » Read more

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This is Not Google

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I just got a call from an automated service (I did not stay on long enough to hear all of it) that said: “This is an important call for the business owner. This is not Google…” I figured when they said “This is not Google” they really meant to say “this is a scam to get you listed when you could do it for free” so I hung up. I did have to laugh a bit when I heard “This is not Google”. Read more

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Why I Use Google Docs

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I have an assortment of clients – all who prefer to pass documentation back and forth in a number of ways: email, spreadsheets, documents, faxed, etc. Over the last year or so I have been using Google Docs for almost all of my client interaction/checklists/etc. Using Google Docs is great for a number of reasons and if you are not using it yet for your documents – please consider giving it a shot. Why I use Google Docs (and you should too): You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc without having to buy or support any software. You can always... Read More » Read more

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Google Voice

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A few years ago – Doug pointed me to an interesting service called “Grand Central”. This service was supposed to take care of the issue of several phone number changes. By using Grand Central – you could use one number for life and forward calls from that number to your home, cell phone, or any other phone depending on caller, time of day, etc. This also means – you can have someone call your Grand Central phone number and it could potentially ring all your other lines until you pick up (great for traveling or people who always use the... Read More » Read more

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Jappler Recommends: Babel Fish Translation

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My company is working on one of the largest projects we have ever done and the entire project (a 153 field application form, admin, scoring admin, etc) has to be done in both English and Spanish. This has been a fun project all around. This is the first time I have worked with Ruby on Rails and with localization. Fortunately enough, I found a great tool which I had never used before: Babel Fish Translation. I can input all my form labels and text into the English to Spanish translator and viola! I should mention I started with the Google... Read More » Read more

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who is linking to me?

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If you own a domain name or maintain a web site you have, at one time or another, wondered who is currently linking your web site. Wonder no more. If you have a Google account, you can log into the Webmaster Tools, add your site and view (and download) a table full of incoming links – both internal and external. Thanks Google! Read more