Google Gadgets


Nice work Google! Check out the latest cool thing: Google Gadgets. Coming soon to a Jen web site near you? For sure! For now check out these examples:

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big news/anouncement soon!

It is usually pretty accurate to say/think that when I do not post for multiple days in row, I must be up to something. I have been working on a special project for a few weeks that I will reveal either tomorrow or Saturday. Stay tuned for some big news/announcments in the next two days! […]

Javascript Web Development

A Weekend Full of Learning

What a crazy and full weekend! Many thanks to Demitrious for helping me out this weekend with PHP. If you are a beginner, check out Demtrious’s article: Poor Man’s Debugger. This article helped me greatly over the past weekend and I feel like I now have a good handle on what to do when things […]