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Linkfest Thursday: September 10, 2009

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This week – I feel like I really found some gems. My Personal Golf Trainer Coming to Nintendo Wii Finally – real help (in my living room) in the off season! Three Potato FourAmazing stuff – I will take one of each Twitter Icon SetsLook no further for some amazing icons After the Deadline WP plugin to check spelling, style, and grammar. Using Lucidity Catalog with Topspin An article I wrote about the Lucidity Catalog theme. Read more

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Golf Already?

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I am very excited to say that tomorrow will mark my first golf outing for 2009. It is hard to believe it is already time to get back out on the course – but I look forward to it especially after the last month or so of non-stop work. Read more

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Back to the Snow

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I just returned from a four day trip to FL to visit some family…and to play some golf – both which were enjoyable. I am not much of a warm weather person, but I did enjoy the break from the snow here in Chicago (the most we have seen here in ten years). I am hoping to now get caught up with work. I will note that having my iPhone with me on the trip was extremely key. Not only was I able to keep on top of most of my email, but it entertained Evan on the plane with... Read More » Read more


My Next 3 Wood: PING G10

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It is freezing outside so I thought I would post about golf to warm up a bit. Over the last three or four years, I have replaced every single club in my golf bag. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my clubs (PING G2 irons 2-S, Titleist 975J driver, PING G5 putter), but I have not had much luck with finding a good 3 wood. Last year I bought a 2 iron to try and replace my longer fairway shot needs, but even though I can hit it really well and it had become my favorite club in my bag, I... Read More » Read more


a full bag.

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I have had a busy summer so far but had made time for golf almost weekly. I purchased a new putter a few weeks ago and now it is time to fill out the bag – with a 2 iron (my Grandpa Z would be proud) and a gap wedge – both Ping G2 to match the rest of my irons. I am hoping to order them tomorrow to have them for next weekend’s golf trip. Not too many people like or even carry a 2 iron, but my 3 iron – an enemy last year – has been my... Read More » Read more


back from vacation.

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Amy, Evan, and I just got back from a vacation to the east coast to visit some friends and family. We got to see our friend Ken’s family first and then headed off to to my house our annual (39th) Evans’ family reunion. My grandmother and I took the euchre tournament this year (I have not had it since 2000) and we are all exhausted from all the traveling. I look forward to not driving for awhile…as well as using my high speed connection v. my parent’s dial-up. I only opened my laptop to watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Back... Read More » Read more


staying anonymous on the internet.

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I have recently started using Tor for improved security and privacy when working out of certain locations. Not that I have much to hide but I do not want someone watching all my outgoing network traffic. Tor is also helpful if you are using a computer somewhere where they block ports (thus blocking services such as IM). I also started using Privoxy too with Tor to make my network connections even more private. If you are all curious about security and privacy, check out Tor and Privoxy. Read more

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on taking a day off.

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A big thanks to Doug and his girlfriend for inviting me and Amy to Lake Carroll this past weekend. Even though it was extremely hot, we had a blast. I got up at 5am on Saturday to get ready for my 6am tee time…and by 7am the sweat was dripping down my face. (When is someone going to create the air conditioned suit?) I could not drive, use my long irons, chip, or putt, but still…it was enjoyable. After golf we got ready to spend a nice relaxing few hours on the lake in which Doug, Kelly, and I participated... Read More » Read more