taking a day off!

Well, I am finally going to step away from my computer for a day this weekend to just relax, fish, play some golf with Doug, and enjoy the summer. Never fear, I will be back working on Sunday (some on my WP plugin). Until then….
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short game practice.

Every day for the last week I have been going outside after work with Triscuit to practice my short game. Triscuit runs laps, and I get my sand wedge and some wiffle golf balls out and aim for a specific target (the sandbox). I am hoping to focus on my short game and course management this year with golf. I believe that by working on both of these important parts of the game that I will begin seeing my scores drop. As for course management, I have to use the George Costanza way of thinking…doing the exact oposite of what my instinct says to do. (Yes, I am one of those golfers who thinks it is a better idea to go right through trees than to play a safe shot….and yes, I have hit a ball into a nearby tree that then came back at me and hit me in the stomach…senior year high school, hole #1 in the pines). Watch out Doug!

multi-purpose golf push cart!

There are some days when you think you have seen it all…and today was one of them. By working in a big city I am exposed to a lot of weird stuff all the time. This morning, I saw something I never expected…a homeless man with all his belongings on a golf push cart. The wheels first caught my attention but it was almost like the standard desert/mirage thought. I know I am really itching to golf, but so much that my mind is playing tricks on me? For a few moments, I could not quite grasp the concept of seeing: a) a golf push cart in the city, b) a homeless person using one to push all their belongings on it. Go homeless guy for being creative and extra bonus points for making me smile!

new ping irons out: G5s.

Well, I enjoyed having the latest and greatest Ping irons for two years, but my (G2s) have been passed by with the introduction of the G5s. This is just another reminder to me that I am not playing/living enough golf. Not only did I play under 20 rounds last spring/summer/fall, but I only found out about the new G5 irons by flipping through the channels and I saw one of the pros on tour with a G5 hat. Very sad. This year..with Doug and his brand new irons and putter we are going to play more golf than we ever have. (Ok with you Doug?) Life is too short to be in front of a computer screen for 14 hours a day on a nice beautiful summer day! (Now someone remember to tell me that this summer.)
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the ultimate golf bag.

Well…it is that time of year when most people’s golf season is winding down. (This was a busy summer for me and my golf game never really wound up). A friend of mine emailed me tonight and asked what golf bag I would recommend. The lucky bastard got a thank you gift from his boss, and got to choose any set of new golf clubs he wanted. He ended up choosing the CG1s. So thanks to my friend Doug I forwarded my other friend a link to what I think is the ultimate golf bag on the market now: the Ogio Shling bag. Even if you are not a golfer, check out the demo…it is amazing technology. So, if you are in the market for an amazing bag…look no further.

new 3 wood!

I went to Golfsmith right after work (I had already been to the much preferable Golf Galaxy a few days ago) and decided to try three 3 woods in the practice area so I could make my decision and then spend the rest of the week at the driving range (after work). I, of course, first picked up the Ping G2 3 wood for $269.99. Then I found a used Cleveland Launcher for $124.95, and a Titleist 975F for $34.95. Price differences aside, I wanted the Ping G2 to be the club I was going to buy before I actually hit any of them. It has a great look and I absolutely love my G2 irons. I first hit a few shots, on and off a tee, with the Titleist 975F, figuring I could eliminate it from the running right away. I was shocked when the club felt really good and was consistently going straight and long. Figuring it was only luck, I picked up the Ping G2 which I did not hit as well. I hit probably 20 balls with the G2 and I had some nice shots, but I did not have the consistency of the Titleist. I was disappointed, but figured even if the Titleist or Cleveland Launcher only lasts me a season or two, it would be worth it. I liked the Cleveland Launcher a lot too, and it had a great shaft, but when it came down to the last few balls hit…the Titleist won because I was consistantly getting more yardage with the average shot. Tonight it all about the driving range. I am still blown away over the cost of the 3 wood ($34.95)…if I would have bought my usual Titleist Pro V I balls, I would have paid more for the balls than the club ;).

and it's in!

Well, this weekend was full of golf…54 holes. On hole 46, I threw my first club ever (3 wood)…and I made sure it was a good throw…into the lake. I had used this 3 wood since the early 90s and my father had used it before then…so it was not like it was anything great. I had been looking to replace it for the last two to three years, and just had to get rid of it…right then. With golf you need to focus on your most important shot, the current one, so I finished the hole, and went on to the next one and was able to get close to a hole in one (see picture below). I am not real proud of my tossing of the club, but I am glad I am finally forced to get a new club. Doug thought the old 3 wood was cramping my style anyways ;). I am now looking at putting either a Cleveland Launcher, a Ping G2, or a Titleist 904f in my bag.


western open.

Well, I had tickets to the Western Open today. I have to say, it was pretty darn cool to see some of my favorite players in action. To see them hit great shots and then to turn around and have difficuly in the sand…well it was priceless. It made me feel much better about my game. I could not get over was how flowing and calm their swings were, and how shots on the green were hit so delicately. The pros are much more graceful than I am (I know it is hard to believe). On another note, I have to say I was sick of seeing and hearing Cialis after a few minutes of being there. I was not sure if I was lost in a Cialis marketting warehouse or I was watching a golf event. I have never seen so much in your face sponsorship in my life. Otherwise, it was a great experience. I followed John Daly on the back side of the course and enjoyed watching him “grip it and rip it.”