On Taking a Day Off


A big thanks to Doug and his girlfriend for inviting me and Amy to Lake Carroll this past weekend. Even though it was extremely hot, we had a blast. I got up at 5am on Saturday to get ready for my 6am tee time…and by 7am the sweat was dripping down my face. (When is someone going to create the air conditioned suit?) I could not drive, use my long irons, chip, or putt, but still…it was enjoyable. After golf we got ready to spend a nice relaxing few hours on the lake in which Doug, Kelly, and I participated in a water noodle HORSE competition. I had to back out after a short while because I pulled my calf muscle (ouch) and when you are in the water, and needing to constantly kick…once pulled, you just pull it and re-pull it again until you get out. Finally after I iced it down for a night, I am able to walk normally. Other than that, and some crazy water in my ear from a poor initial jump in the water, I really enjoyed myself and my time there. If I only had some extra money to buy a place there…
I always get nervous about vacationing (even for a day) because when I come back I know I will have tons of work waiting for me, but as a friend told me today…all the money in the world is not worth your health. This 2 day vacation was exactly what I needed…a nice break from the grind while not worrying about what I would come home to…so thanks D and K – I enjoyed it. (I also enjoyed paying $3.01 for gas…compared to the $3.21 I pay back in the suburbs.) 😉
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