making things work: ie 5-7 and css.

CSS Web Development

I am currently working on a CSS project that needs to work in IE 5.0+, FireFox 1+, Safari 1+, and Opera 8+ for both Mac and PC. Normally writing CSS for multiple browsers/multiple platforms does not scare me, but the IE 5.0 part scares me, particularly since I am going to have to create some major hacks that will not validate and a simple 2-3 hour job becomes a 4-6 hour job full of making one change, looking at it in 5 browsers and then moving on. I am hoping that IE 7 (now beta 3) will actually be more standard compliant, but of course I have doubts…and I have to live with IE 5.0 hacks for at least another year. During my process of writing CSS code that will work in the browsers mentioned above, I have had to reference a few good IE hack web sites that I wanted to share in case anyone ever needed a good CSS for IE reference.

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