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Apache Content Management Systems Hints Web Development

debugging web site/database lessons.

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After spending a frustrating day yesterday working with a client, their web site overload issues, and the hosting “advanced support” I am worn out. The issue: extremely high traffic database driven web site – when moved into the production environment on a dedicated server – would spike the processors’ load to 100% and would then need to be restarted. I got called to help solve the problem. The “advanced support” blamed it on the CMS and that is where I stepped in. The first thing I wanted to see were the server logs. (Apache and MySQL to start) After a... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems Web Development WordPress

new cms to consider: drupal.

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I have worked with a number of content management systems over the years and have never been so impressed – and able to use something out of the box – as I was with Drupal 5.x. A prospective client of mine a short while ago mentioned something about Drupal and I had not used it since the last major upgrade. After installing it and using it for 20 minutes, I became very impressed. Drupal is the most elegant CMS I have ever used and the most “clean”. By clean, I mean very organized (file structure and Admin area). I also... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems Web Development WordPress

wordpress documentation.

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As most people know, I am a huge fan of WordPress. I get a number of potential clients that ask to help build their company or organization a web site which is easy to update without knowing any HTML. Of course – 9 out of 10 times I start talking about the benefits of WordPress. As a developer as well as someone who does not want to depend on someone else for a lot, I really like all the documentation and examples or “lessons” that are available for WordPress. When clients see all the documentation, their minds are more at... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems Hints HOWTOs Web Development

how to clone the SmartSection module for XOOPS.

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I was recently asked how to clone the SmartSection module for XOOPS, so I thought I would document the process here on my blog. (XOOPS is another favorite CMS I use for my clients when they want a CMS) Download SmartSection ( Duplicate the smartsection module folder (this is the folder with all the module files in it – the folder you will put into the “modules” directory within your XOOPS install) Now it is time to do a few “find and replaces” with your favorite text editor. (I prefer TextWrangler) For the sake of an example, I am going... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems Web Development WordPress

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 24 Comments

I have been working with WordPress for multiple years now and I decided I needed to start reviewing some of my favorite plugins – as I receive a number of requests about what plugins I use/prefer. I am going to start with a newcomer: WP Newsletter. This plugin works great for WordPress sites allows you to: create a customized newsletter for your readers or customers using the same theme based layout as you use for creating WordPress themes offer a newsletter archive within WordPress seamless integration with the WordPress Admin use custom Newsletter WordPress template for easy integration into existing... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems Web Development WordPress

wordpress resources.

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I have been creating more CMS web site solutions using WordPress over the last year and and have collected some great resources along solid product right out of the box, it is highly configurable, there are endless plugins, and everything is well documented. So, if you are ever looking to build a web site using WordPress and want to do it for yourself I would recommend using: WordPress Documentation (Codex) WordPress Plugins Database My bookmarks (check out WordPress/Logic, WordPress/Plugins, WordPress/Templates). I will continue to add to these bookmarks so stay tuned. [tags]WordPress[/tags] Read more

Content Management Systems Web Development

random…here and there.

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Some random things to point out… Amanda Congdon is no longer the RocketBoom anchor…and just when I finally got Amy slightly hooked to this awesome vblog. Wherever she goes, I will be sure to follow. She is very talented! Diet/lifestyle update…I weighed in yesterday and actually lost a few pounds last week! That is from all the moving (I moved my home office to a different part of my home to further separate home stuff and work stuff) and IKEA assembly coupled with yardwork over the weekend. Now I just need to keep that up! I am putting the finishing... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems UNIX

command line to the rescue…again.

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While upgrading a client’s web site to XOOPS 2.0.14 I ran into some issues with the XOOPS 2.0.14 package file (a tar.gz file). Stuffit Expander would only extract a few folders, then report an error and quit. After a few attempts, and all failures, I had to chose to turn to the command line and bingo, no problems! So, if you ever have any issues with Stuffit Expander and need to uncompress a .tar.gz file, the following commands will come in handy: To uncompress a gz file: gunzip file.gz To uncompress a tar file: tar [tar options (usually xvf)] file.tar... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems WordPress

wordpress development.

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I have been using open source solutions for over seven years now. (my first open source experience was with mailman and then ht://dig and squirrelmail soon after – all of which I still use today) I made it a priority to get involved with at least one open source project this year, and to start out I have chosen to get involved with WordPress. I signed up to help with browser testing and to look at ways WordPress can offer more CMS features. I have extensive browser testing experience and have plenty of CMS and WordPress as a CMS experience... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems HOWTOs Web Development WordPress

jappler's wordpress.

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Well after over six months using WordPress to drive, I thought I would report for anyone out there that might be interested, what plugins and modifications I have put in place to create what it is today. User Interface Admin User Interface Enhancemnt: Tiger Style Administration Plugin. If you know me, you know I am very particular with user interfaces, and this one passes the test. Page Navigation: WP-PageNavi Plugin. This creates page number links at the bottom of my blog. Search Term Highlighter: Search Hilite Plugin (this is now built-in). When someone searches for information on your... Read More » Read more