Well after over six months using WordPress to drive jappler.com, I thought I would report for anyone out there that might be interested, what plugins and modifications I have put in place to create jappler.com what it is today.
User Interface

  • Admin User Interface Enhancemnt: Tiger Style Administration Plugin. If you know me, you know I am very particular with user interfaces, and this one passes the test.
  • Page Navigation: WP-PageNavi Plugin. This creates page number links at the bottom of my blog.
  • Search Term Highlighter: Search Hilite Plugin (this is now built-in). When someone searches for information on your WordPress site/blog, the search term will be higlighted in the found posts/pages


  • Anti-Spam: Spam Karma Plugin. Help ward off comment spam by using this awesome spam stopping plugin.
  • Email This Post: WP-EMail Plugin. This plugin allows visitors to email a post to themselves or anyone who might find something interesting.
  • Click Counter: Click Couter Plugin. This plugin tracks how many times all the links on jappler.com have been clicked.
  • Search: Search Pages Plugin. Since I use WordPress for more than a blog, I needed to have a way to search through all my content and pages, not just my blog. This plugin searches everything on jappler.com
  • Sitemap: Google Sitemaps Plugin. This plugin creates a Google compliant sitemap (which helps with your Google rank).
  • Counter: WP-OnlineCounter Plugin. I never had a counter back in the late 1990s when I first put up my first web pages…so here it is.
  • RSS Aggregator: aggrss, an rss aggregator Plugin. This plugin drives my <a href="/news/" section.
  • PHP: Run PHP Plugin. This allows me to use PHP into any of my posts/pages
  • Modification Date: Last Modified Plugin. This plugin puts the “last modified” next to my posts/pages.


  • SNL Fun: Deep Thoughts Plugin. We all need some deep thoughts. This plugin is used in my randomness section.
  • Weather: WeatherIcon Plugin. This plugin displays the weather on my home page.
  • Jappler History: One year ago Plugin. Jappler.com is random…it is sometimes fun to see what I was thinking/posting about a year ago. Soon I will have to add “Two years ago” too.
  • Polls: WP-Polls Plugin. I have started playing around with this plugin…watch for some exciting Jappler polls soon 😉

Let me know if you have questions! I will be happy to help any beginner or intermediate bloggers get started!
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