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Jappler Recommends: Clean Up Your iTunes Library

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I recently did some file cleanup on my main Mac to tidy things up, but indadvertedly wreaked some havoc with iTunes. I had a number of songs that had the “!” for missing and no really good way to delete all of them (there were too many). After doing a few quick searches on the issue – I found my solution: Super Remove Dead Tracks. Then – to really clean up everything I wanted to remove all the duplicates so I then used Dupin which also worked like a charm. All is much more organized and cleaner now… Read more


Kelly's Dress

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Not everyday does one of your friends end up on a designer’s web site. My friends Kelly and Doug got married back in June and everyone thought Kelly’s dress was amazing. Apparently the designer agreed so they posted her wedding picture on their company web site so now everyone can see how amazing she looked. Doug – you did not look too bad either 😉 Read more


It is Apple Keynote Time Again…

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I love the day of big Apple keynotes given by Steve Jobs. While rummaging around for a disk utility last week – I found my copy of the Macworld 1999 keynote where the Blue and White G3s and multi-flavored iMacs were announced. I had a smile – I eventually owned both and thought they were the best thing ever! Anyway – my friend Ken asked me if I still got as excited as I used to – and the answer is definitely yes. I love everything about the keynotes…but I especially enjoy the post keynote reactions from the people I... Read More » Read more


My Next 3 Wood: PING G10

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It is freezing outside so I thought I would post about golf to warm up a bit. Over the last three or four years, I have replaced every single club in my golf bag. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my clubs (PING G2 irons 2-S, Titleist 975J driver, PING G5 putter), but I have not had much luck with finding a good 3 wood. Last year I bought a 2 iron to try and replace my longer fairway shot needs, but even though I can hit it really well and it had become my favorite club in my bag, I... Read More » Read more


Battlefield 1942

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Well, after hearing my brother-in-law was a hardcore Battlefield 1942 player still, I decided to pick it up so he could experience my wrath. I also pulled in a few friends (Ken and Doug). I finally got it installed and even played a quick round this afternoon to get used to the controls. So – if you still play this old, but good game, I will be playing under the screen name of [beckett]. (Thomas Beckett) Read more


The Ultimate Golf Bag

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Well…it is that time of year when most people’s golf season is winding down. (This was a busy summer for me and my golf game never really wound up). A friend of mine emailed me tonight and asked what golf bag I would recommend. The lucky bastard got a thank you gift from his boss, and got to choose any set of new golf clubs he wanted. He ended up choosing the CG1s. So thanks to my friend Doug I forwarded my other friend a link to what I think is the ultimate golf bag on the market now: the... Read More » Read more


all work, no play!

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It is coming up on a month since I last golfed…but thankfully that is about to end. The last few weekends I have been putting in 8 hours or more (hours seem like minutes) of work per day between my work with Solaris, Apache, XOOPS, and organizing my workspace. Although I have accomplished a lot, I am exhausted and need a break…a few hours on the golf course with Doug! I still have a lot to do, but I look forward to getting out on the course and enjoying my wonderful golf clubs. PS…good job Coca Cola: Read more


Interesting Web and Golf Factoids

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You should know by now, I enjoy random thoughts and factoids. Today, my morning for fun read led me to finally realize what Yahoo! stands for: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. I love information like that, and I have to say the rest of that article was pretty interesting too. My friend Doug recently bought a new set of irons and with it he got an “A” wedge. My father refers to it as a “gap” wedge, but why it is not called a “G” wedge is beyond me. Not knowing this information was bothering me so I finally found... Read More » Read more


Hole in One!

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Well, I had the pleasure of witnessing my friend’s first hole in one on Sunday November 31, 2004. Congratulations Doug! On another note, check this out: Perhaps a good investiment for me since I seem to attact interesting people. Read more