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You should know by now, I enjoy random thoughts and factoids. Today, my morning for fun read led me to finally realize what Yahoo! stands for: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. I love information like that, and I have to say the rest of that article was pretty interesting too.

My friend Doug recently bought a new set of irons and with it he got an “A” wedge. My father refers to it as a “gap” wedge, but why it is not called a “G” wedge is beyond me. Not knowing this information was bothering me so I finally found what “A” stood for: Attack wedge (definition, source). (This was bothering me much like when something slips your mind and you drive yourself crazy until it randomly re-enters your conciousness.)

The “A” wedge mystery then also led me to ask, “why do we yell ‘fore’ on the golf course when a ball is going towards someone? I finally answered this question too!

2 thoughts on “Interesting Web and Golf Factoids”

  1. Ken Pesanka

    ‘Gap wedge’ is the most common term for this wedge, though it is often referred to as an ‘Approach wedge’. ‘Attack wedge’ is also a lesser known name.

  2. jenz

    Wow, the non-golfer finds an answer! Thanks Ken. Approach makes sense, but Attack sounds more like my style 😉

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