Boxing Meets EMOM Workout

Boxing EMOM Workouts

I decided to change it up and do a cross between EMOM and boxing for our quarantine workout today for a non-stop 30 minute burn.


EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute. (You need to do x items in the minute. For example – round one = 25 jumping jacks as the exercise. In a standard EMOM workout. You would do the 25 jumping jacks in the minute and if it took you 20 seconds – you would have 40 seconds as a break (to the next round). If it takes you 40 seconds – you would have 20 seconds as a break (to the next round).


There are 20 1:30 rounds – no breaks. (30 minutes total) For the first part of each round you will do the exercise defined for the round. After you do the exercise you then move to the boxing combination for the round too. To keep it simple – there are two groupings of boxing combinations numbered 1-5 so you can easily match up the exercise with the boxing combination. Example – round 1 would be 1:30 total and you would start off by doing 25 jumping jacks. Then the remainder of that 1:30 round – you would throw straight punches. At the end of that first 1:30 – you then move right into 20 plyo lunges and then into the Jab/Jab/Cross/Right Uppercut combination.

The exercises before each boxing round

  1. 25 jumping jacks
  2. 20 plyo lunges
  3. 15 squats
  4. 10 sit-ups with a Jab/Cross at the top
  5. 5 burpees

The rounds

* Note – I have written these out for an orthodox stance. You will go through both of these sets then repeat.

  1. Straight Punches
  2. Jab/Jab/Cross/Right Uppercut
  3. Jab/Left Uppercut/Cross
  4. Jab/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
  5. Jab/Cross/Cross/Jab
  1. Jab/Cross/Left Uppercut/Right Uppercut
  2. Jab/Left Hook/Cross
  3. Jab/Jab/Cross/Overhand Right
  4. Cross/Cross/Jab/Right Hook
  5. Jab/Left Hook/Cross/Right Uppercut

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