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Apple Hints

What Can Siri Do For Me?

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If you are like me – you have an Apple iPhone and the thought of using Siri sounds awesome but after a few smart comments trying to get her to say something funny back (because you are not sure what all you can really say/get out of Siri) – you forget about her and move on. Read more

Serenity Now!

Going 1996 For a Month…

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If you need to talk to me or want to send me a message in the next month (or until the new iPhone comes out) – call me on my home phone or email me. I am going without a mobile phone for awhile. Read more


My iPhone – Five Years Later

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Five years ago – something came out that I had literally been waiting for for years. Now five years later – I am still using the original iPhone. My friends laugh at me, give me all kinds of slack, but at the end of the day – I use it still because it is such an amazing piece of technology that really was a game changer. Touch screen, swiping, scrolling…this was all new and exciting with the release. While I am still forced to run iOS 3.2 and cannot download and play Angry Birds – I am still able to... Read More » Read more

Jappler Recommends

Jappler Recommends: Words With Friends

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I admit it – I am hooked on Words With Friends (very similar to Scrabble). One of my friends got me hooked last week and ever since I have been playing with him and some random people online. What is this? Think Scrabble with a beautiful interface, the ability to play one turn at a time at your own pace – with friends and strangers alike. Some days I will place several words. Other days – I might only have time for one or two words. Games can take a few hours or a few days. Either way – it... Read More » Read more


The Only Apple x Killer is Apple

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All these crazy commercials and talk about the new Droid phone makes me smile. I think back about all the proposed “Apple x killers (x = Mac, Newton, iPod, iPhone) and what makes me smile is there is no third party Apple product killer and I do not see any in the foreseeable future. The only real threat that these products have/had is actually Apple itself. Either Apple will kill it internally (Newton) or will create something bigger and better that will replace it’s own product. So even though I enjoyed the Droid commercials – it all sounded a bit... Read More » Read more

Food/Drink Phone/PDA

Media Mondays: Chipolte Chipotle Ordering iPhone App

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Last week I did some browsing and found something really awesome (for the Chipotle fans out there) – an iPhone app that will find the nearest Chipotle(s) then allow you to place an order using the iPhone app. The application is call Chipotle Ordering and is a free download. No more waiting in line or carrying a paper filled with Amy’s weird requests. I am super excited with this look forward to quick and easy Chipotle visits. Read more

Phone/PDA This and That TV

Media Mondays: The Price is Right iPhone App

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I have been a Price is Right fan since I can remember. I watched it every day I was home sick from school, in the summers, at Penn State while eating lunch at the Hub, and now any chance I get either online or while Amy religiously watches it during the summers. When I saw there was a Price is Right game for the iPhone – I downloaded it and have been enjoying it ever since. The graphics are pretty good, and the actual game is spot on to the actual game. I enjoy every aspect of the game, and... Read More » Read more

Chicago Jappler Recommends TV

Thursday Linkfest: June 18, 2009

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This week flew by – but I actually found a number of links very interesting over the last seven days. Chicagoland fishing information and reports How to ditch cable but still have quality TV programming options (thanks @htoddcarter) – TiVO again and again proves it is the coolest thing around. You can find shows available on and send them to your TiVo. ESPN 360 – Oh my – I am so close to canceling my $100+ a month cable. This becomes available for Comcast high speed internet subscribers on August 1. If it proves to work well for... Read More » Read more

Jappler Recommends Music

Media Mondays: Radio 538 iPhone App

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This week I recommend anyone who enjoys listening to Radio 538 (I love the Dance Department) – to download and use the Radio 538 iPhone App. (Julie – this means you). You can get the application for free using iTunes. Even though the controls are not in english – it is easy enough to figure out within a few seconds. With this app – you can listen to a variety of Radio 538 radio shows at any time – using WiFi or not. This app definitely made my first screen of apps on my iPhone. Read more