Without a Smart Phone – Week 2


I have spent the last two weeks without my iPhone – something I have carried around with me for over 5 years. I have to say it is has been interesting and sometimes frustrating, but overall – not nearly as bad as I thought.

Here are some of my thoughts about not having a smart phone with me at all times:

The actual phone: I do miss having this. I am often calling people while doing passive activities (walking, etc) to get caught up with people. I just need to plan better to take a break and use the home phone. As for people trying to call me… “can you pick up…where are you…how long until…” I realized that you can live without everyone knowing the exacts. Just relax – life will happen.

Mobile web/email: Did I really need to have it? Just relax and enjoy some time away.

Texting: I was never a huge fan. Live in the moment and when I am with you – talk to me, not message someone else. Focus! I have enjoyed not worrying about it. If I need to actually contact someone – I like more active conversation anyways (vs passive).

Camera: I do miss taking photos.

Games: Who are we kidding. With a first generation iPhone games were never really in the picture.

Meeting with people: It just takes planning.

Driving directions: They are possible to get without a phone. It just takes planning.

Overall – do not be fooled, I am excited for the iPhone 5 and will be purchasing it. In the end though – there are some definite trade-offs. Instead of relying on your phone – you CAN rely on yourself (directions, planning, etc). We all did it 5 years ago, and while it is fun looking up places, people, events – it also takes you away from some of the unknown which can be much more relaxing/rewarding. Put down the phone and look out the window – there is so much to experience right here, right now, with the people right next to you.

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