Papa’s Quilt


What do you get someone that is 97 and extremely important in your life? You give them something meaningful. This year for Christmas I made my grandfather his own handmade quilt.

It all started a few years ago when I found out my great grandmother was a quilter and left behind quilt squares that she never quite had time to put together in a quilt. I thought that would be something special that I could finish for my kids so they would have something from their great-great grandmother. I started with a quilt for all my kids, then my mother so I could master quilting. After almost four years of my sewing machine collecting dust, I got the quilting bug again and decided to create a quilt I had bought when I was last at Penn State in 2019.

At first My plan was to create the quilt for myself but then when making a quick decision to spend Christmas with my family in Florida – I knew the quilt would be my gift to my grandfather. I am a firm believer that time is the best gift you can give someone. It may be time spent with or time spent on something for someone which makes the gift special. I knew my grandfather would appreciate all the work that went into it and I quickly started powering through all the needed steps, several trips to Joann Fabrics, and getting everything just right.

After some long (but enjoyable hours) – I put together my favorite quilt yet and flew down to Florida to give it to the very man who would forever change the direction of my life by getting me interested in Penn State.

The best gifts are those that are created with love and this quilt is definitely that. I loved the process, as well as knowing my grandfather will always cherish it.

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