Good Ol’ Jack


Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our dog Jack.

We adopted Jack in November 2015 when he was only two because he refused to race. He was related to our two other greyhounds Triscuit and Colby. For the last 9 years he has been our special boy. Very stubborn, frustrating at times, but a crowd favorite with most other people and above all – he loved our kids.

Jack had his own room which we refer it as “Jack’s room”, he loved being close to you if not putting his head on you if you sat on the floor. Any time I would quilt in the dining room, he would be there right with me. He absolutely loved Evan and we often told Evan he would have to take Jack to college because Evan was his support human. Jack was a great dog 95% of the time but also dealt with his racing day trauma which made him a real challenge. He did not like getting on a leash or being disrupted when he was laying down.

During storms he spent time under my desk as I worked and had unbelievable timing to need to go out as soon as I would get on a business call. He loved most people and loved to greet them at the door. Our neighbor could be found at our house all hours of the day if we were gone and it was storming as he would sit next to Jack and try and comfort him. Jack loved spending time with all of us and would often be found in the dining room if someone (or most of us thanks to at home schooling doing COVID) was in there. He absolutely loved peanut butter and cheese. He also loved going window to window watching the kids walk to school. He never ventured up or down stairs and had a good relationship with our cat Pepper.

We would sometimes refer to him as our POS (obviously it stood for Pillar Of Strength) but at the end of the day, we loved him regardless of his issues. He was a few months shy of his 11th birthday and we will miss him.

Jack’s pedigree/racing details:

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