Listen Loudly Podcast


There is a new fitness podcast that I am listening to by one of my favorite Peloton instructors: Joslyn Thompson Rule.

The podcast description:

Join Joslyn weekly on Listen Loudly where she welcomes some of the brightest minds in fitness and beyond. Through conversation with these guests, you’ll learn the importance of a movement mindset—and exactly why it’s so essential to listen loudly in order to make yourself heard.

The second podcast is with one of my other favorite Peloton instructors Susie Chan – who I met a few months ago. She talks about endurance running, positive self talk, and how to turn your thoughts around regardless if the run is 1 miles or 100 miles.

If you are a runner (or a Peloton fan) – check out the podcast. It is interesting to hear that professional athletes/trainers go through the same challenges/thoughts/issues as people like me. I was so impressed with the podcast, I am going to listen it again 😉

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