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Hints Javascript Web Development

Jappler Recommends: Smooth Gallery

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I have needed a good solution for a “cool” image gallery/slideshow for a few clients and have been very happy with Smooth Gallery. Why do I like this over something else from YUI or jQuery? I think this is by far the most easy to use and customize gallery/slide show. The documentation is clear and easy to read, and adding or changing parameters is extremely easy and clear. The other libraries have similar gallery/slideshow code, but if you are not a javascript fan – this is the one for you. Read more

HTML/XTML Web Development

validate, validate, validate!

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I have been working on a project for a few months that has been touched by many developers at various points in time. It is my job to optimize the code, ensure it works in multiple browsers, and then test new functionality. This is a huge project with tens of thousands lines of code. I recently got stuck on one issue that I could not figure out at all…so I finally decided to run everything through the W3C validators, and as soon as I did, I realized I should have done this as soon as I started on the project,... Read More » Read more

CSS HTML/XTML Web Development

Great CSS Buttons

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I am working on a project that started small and got really big. Good for the company, bad news for the code. I am in the process of going through the code and to fix and optimize it for multiple browsers. One word of advice for developers: when starting a new project, expect exceptions. One issue I have run into: not all buttons will be 90px wide like once thought by the original designer. By using flexible code, your big and small sites can benefit from changes in the future. If you are going to create buttons for your site,... Read More » Read more

Web Development WordPress

a new wordpress user.

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My cousin asked me last week about what it would take for him to get a web site that could be easily updated and flexible for growth and of course I pointed him towards I figure he could learn the ropes there and then when he was ready for something a little more, I would create a custom WordPress site for him. Best of luck Robert! Read more

Business CSS Web Development WordPress

WordPress Jobs

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I was approached a few months ago with a project that sounded like a great opportunity: to design the UI and logo for the new WordPress Jobs web site (which my company does about 90% overall business on WordPress development). If you missed the announcement for the site, check it out. If you need WordPress consulting, you could go to the site, or you could go to the company who helped build the site ;). Read more

CSS HTML/XTML Web Development

css containers: one image, fixed width, rounded corners.

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I use reuse a number of CSS/XHTML layouts everyday and feel it is time to share. This is the third of three articles in a series on how to create various CSS rounded corner or “fancier than a simple box” container with CSS and XHTML that work in IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2.0, and Safari 2.0. I have used this code on several large and small sites and have enjoyed the flexibility of both changing the height and the width. (Also see css containers: simple, fixed width, rounded corners, and css containers: fancier, fixed width, rounded corners..)... Read More » Read more