Boxing Workout (Adding On)

Boxing Workouts

Here are 15 boxing rounds where you can play with speed/power while adding to each combination over time.


I broke this into 3 groups of 5 rounds but you can easily do all 15 if you prefer. You initially start each round with the blue combination and then whenever you want (generally 30 seconds or 1 minute in) add in the additional punches to make the combinations longer. You can also play with timing too. Generally I do all rounds for 2 minutes on/ 20 seconds break, but you might choose to do longer round time and less round too to make things different (example: 3 minute rounds and do only 10 rounds). I also like to mix things up sometimes with 5 minute rounds and focus on adding in movement, feints, and changes in timing/power.


Three rounds of jumping rope for two minutes.

The Workout

(See the photo above)

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