Boss October 2023: Reflection

Life Workouts

Another year and another Boss October completed and I feel better than ever.

Back in 2021 I participated in my first Boss October which was started by of of the Peloton instructors Ally Love. I focused on time/mileage on the Peloton, cutting out alcohol, and making all my needed doctor appointments.

In 2022 I did something similar but added in making time to read a book and I upped my mileage from 250 miles on the bike to 300.

This past year instead of focusing on the bike I would focus on adding in mobility/stretching as well as adding in some shadowboxing in hopes I would regain my love of boxing which I have lost over the last 2 years.

After spending 31 days on my 2023 Boss October goals/focuses I enter November a better person.


I not only focused on taking time to focus on mobility and stretching, but I also added in proper warmups before working out as well as added in Yoga too. My hips are not as tight and I actually enjoy taking extra time stretching.


I really wanted to return to the basics to improve my form as well as to hopefully find my love of boxing. I had low expectations but this was the biggest surprise. By the end of the month I had not only looked forward to shadowboxing, but I also noticed my form was much improved and I am starting to enjoy boxing more. (I even took on a new student and have enjoyed seeing her learn to love boxing).

No Alcohol

Habits are hard to break but I actually do not miss this as much as I thought I would. I tried non-alcoholic wine (a fail) but found a non-alcoholic beer I really enjoy: Sam Adams Just the Haze


Once again I am glad I did Boss October. I start November a better, happier person. I will continue to add in mobility/yoga and to my routine and once again look forward to boxing. All my doctor appointments were made and I am ready to to enter the final two months knowing I have done and can do hard work. I highly recommend participating in Boss October in 2024!

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