Boss October 2021: Completed


For the month of October I decided to challenge myself to be a stronger, better person.

It is now November 1st and even though it was a lot of work – I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit about myself as well as others around me. It all started by something a client of mine mentioned, then a quick view of this video:

After watching the video – we decided to put in 250 miles on the Peloton bike, add in 50 miles of walking/running, and then to give up a luxury item (for me it was alcohol). One moth mater after accomplishing my goals, making it to multiple doctor wellness visits, and documenting the process I walk away from October very proud, more rested, and most of all – feeling that anything is possible if you really commit yourself.

The best part of the challenge has been to see how the goals translate from something like exercise to life.

1) There is a lot of enjoyment to be had in the mid range.

Not every ride has to be a HIIT ride or a personal record. There is real importance of low impact, warm up, cool down, and endurance rides. This translates in life as we do not have to always be caught up in something exciting. Sometimes a simple day is the best day.

2) Being uncomfortable is not fun, but we can get through.

Running is not my favorite thing but I realized I think that way because I let my internal conversation convince myself that the panic is real (“you cannot run any further, you need to stop, just walk…”). By turning the internal conversation around “I can do it, I am a runner, I can do anything for 30 more seconds” running has become more enjoyable. Same thing in everyday life. Sometimes you need a challenge to change or improve yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

3) You do what is a priority in your life.

When I first started this – I was putting in about an hour a week on the bike and a little more than that running/walking. I turned that into almost an hour a day (or more) for the last thirty days. A number of people told me they simply did not have the luxury of that much time to do it. Wrong, you just need to make it a priority. Sometimes it meant working out at 6:30am or taking 30 minutes of my lunch break to get what I needed done on the bike or outside on a walk. If it matters – you will get it done.

I look forward to next October to start the process all over again! A big thanks to all that believed in me.

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