My Best Advice


If I could give one piece of advice it would be: “Make opportunities, don’t wait for them”. If you look at someone who is successful or happy you can often see that they put in the hustle to make work instead of waiting or hoping for something.

The last two years have been tough for a lot of us who found ourselves at the gym most days a week before the pandemic started. As soon as we were quarantined a few friends and I moved our workouts to Zoom. For me – Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday were strength/cardio classes while Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday were boxing classes. We kept the gym schedule times to make it as convenient as possible but for months we met up via Zoom and put in the hard work. After we were all vaccinated and decided we wanted to workout – I turned my garage into a gym and moved the classes from Zoom to the garage.

Life gave us a pandemic, and we pivoted. I wanted to work out with my I made it happen. It was not hard or complex, I cleaned out my garage, moved in some equipment, and invited them over.

Do not get wrapped up in the complexity of things. Start simple and move forward…there is literally nothing else to it. People who wait will forever wait and never understand how to get what they want. If you want something – get it!

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