State of the Blogosphere


Technorati recently posted the “State of the Blogosphere” which shows the growth rate of blogs over the past three years. Technorati’s research showed that there is now, on average, a blog created every second of every day and the blogsphere is doubling every six months! Lots of interesting tidbits, so if blogging interests you, take a few minutes and read more (see link above).

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Fluxiom: A Beautiful Digital Asset Manager.

Yesterday I happened to read an article on a new online digital asset manager called Fluxiom. (Using a reflection on a graphic will never get old for me.) I instantly was impressed by the UI (user interface) after reading the Vitamin review of Fluxiom and would recommend people taking a look at it as well. […]


Gasoline and Sweat

Yard work…you either love it or hate it. After recently moving from a condo into a house, I am very pleased it is summer and I now have to mow the lawn, trim the hedeges, edge the sidewalks, weed whack where the lawn mower will not go, and fertilize the yard. That is what I […]