My Next 3 Wood: PING G10


It is freezing outside so I thought I would post about golf to warm up a bit. Over the last three or four years, I have replaced every single club in my golf bag. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my clubs (PING G2 irons 2-S, Titleist 975J driver, PING G5 putter), but I have not had much luck with finding a good 3 wood. Last year I bought a 2 iron to try and replace my longer fairway shot needs, but even though I can hit it really well and it had become my favorite club in my bag, I decided I really needed to get a new 3 wood this year. I met Doug at Golf Galaxy over the weekend and hit only one 3 wood before I knew I had chosen wisely: the new PING G10. My first shot – after not even touching a club for over four months – went over 200 yards and I consistently hit it over the next 20 or so shots. All I can say – is look out, my bag is now finally complete. PS – thanks to Jon for the PING hat.

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