My Next 3 Wood: PING G10

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 3 Comments

It is freezing outside so I thought I would post about golf to warm up a bit. Over the last three or four years, I have replaced every single club in my golf bag. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my clubs (PING G2 irons 2-S, Titleist 975J driver, PING G5 putter), but I have not had much luck with finding a good 3 wood. Last year I bought a 2 iron to try and replace my longer fairway shot needs, but even though I can hit it really well and it had become my favorite club in my bag, I… Read More »

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new ping irons out: G5s.

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Well, I enjoyed having the latest and greatest Ping irons for two years, but my (G2s) have been passed by with the introduction of the G5s. This is just another reminder to me that I am not playing/living enough golf. Not only did I play under 20 rounds last spring/summer/fall, but I only found out about the new G5 irons by flipping through the channels and I saw one of the pros on tour with a G5 hat. Very sad. This year..with Doug and his brand new irons and putter we are going to play more golf than we ever… Read More »

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