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Category: Web Development New Theme Using Lucidity 2.0

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My company SDAC Inc. is preparing to release the next version of the commercial Lucidity WordPress theme. I decided that since I am selling a theme – it had to be something that I could easily use, and customize without making major changes or changing much code. With this in mind – I added a number of new features, redid a lot of the admin interface, and added in some of the great new functionality that comes along with WordPress 3.0+. The theme that you see here is actually a child theme of Lucidity. I customized one theme template, added... Read More » Read more


Back to School Code Cleanup

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Whether working on projects with a fast change cycle or something that has not been changed recently – it is always a good idea to step back and review your code from time to time. Generally most people put it off for when “things slow down” or do not do it because “if it works don’t fix it” mentality. When working with something like PHP, CSS, etc – you develop the best you can at the time you develop the code. If you simply leave everything as is – you risk incompatibility/security issues, etc because nothing is constant (browsers, PHP... Read More » Read more

Back from Blog Vacation – Goodbye Facebook!

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Just as we all need a vacation from work, etc – I needed a vacation from blogging. I took a month off to think about what I wanted to do with this and my other blogs, as well as my presence on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I have been thinking about the time I spend on Facebook and I blame the time I spend reading about x person needing y item in z game and I realized I do not need it and do not want it. I have this blog, my company blog, my son’s blog and now the twin’s... Read More » Read more WordPress

WordPress 2.9 RC 1

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Well – it is that time again – another new version of WordPress is coming out in the next few days (WordPress 2.9). I am running WordPress 2.9 RC 1 here on and only one issue so far. If you have not read anything about the newest version soon to be available and you use WordPress, check out: WordPress 2.9 New Features/Changes. Read more

Try and Try Again

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Well – In the past I thought about posting on a particular subject certain days of the week would be good for me and something the readers might find interesting…until I started dreading it, posting less, getting a lot less comments, and realized I was pushing content like traditional media (I say when and where, you tune in). I am going to be making some changes here over the next few days – to really make this more interesting, relevant, and more fun for me to post/share information. Thanks for your patience – and I hope this will become a... Read More » Read more

HOWTOs WordPress

WordPress Wednesdays: Jappler Category/Tag Feeds

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Perhaps you come to this site because you personally know me or like some of the WordPress hints I like, or like my CSS posts, or just like my personal rants (which seem to happen less…hmm I need to get on that!). If you are only interested in some of my posts but not others, you can easily subscribe to just certain “subjects” very easily. For example, lately I have been posting on a certain subject each day. (WordPress Wednesdays, etc). If you are only interested in reading those posts, subscribe to this RSS feed: Perhaps you only want... Read More » Read more

Jappler Blog Format

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After four years of blogging – I think I finally am getting close to having a solid idea of what to write that would be both regular and interesting. I am going to make each day of the week specific to something that I find interesting. This will not only hopefully be more interesting for you – but will also allow me to really focus in on some topics, and get me to write more. Starting next week will begin featuring: Media Mondays (music, podcasts, movies, etc) CSS Tuesdays (CSS tricks, tips, resources,etc) WordPress Wednesdays (WordPress specific posts) Linkfest... Read More » Read more

The Story of My Life – Told in the Header

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For the last few versions of – I have had images in the header arranged in a way to tell a story. My roots. This picture was taken out of my car on the road my parents live in NY. My home. Old Main on the Penn State campus. I was destined to go to Penn State and it was my #1 goal since I was 3 years old (besides a few months in 7th grade when my #1 goal was to beat Super Mario Brothers) I spent a lot of time sitting on the front steps reading, people... Read More » Read more