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Well – it is that time again – another new version of WordPress is coming out in the next few days (WordPress 2.9). I am running WordPress 2.9 RC 1 here on jappler.com and only one issue so far. If you have not read anything about the newest version soon to be available and you use WordPress, check out: WordPress 2.9 New Features/Changes.

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Everyone wants it all on Mondays…serenity now! # Wow, it has been one of those days… # Check out presidentsrock.com – they are using a custom version of my Lucidity Catalog theme 😉 # Actually got some decent snow here in Chicago! Time to make a snowman!! #

Serenity Now!

Index Spoiled

I really wish I could index and catalog everything in my house. Today I needed to solder something and I know I just saw that solder somewhere in the last two days, but I cannot find it for the life of me. Times like this I wish everything in my house was as searchable as […]