Day 3: Panic, Day 4: Done.

Well, yesterday after hours of frustration and CSS style sheet number three, I started thinking that what I wanted was not possible…not even close. Thoughts entered my mind like : “maybe I will forward all IE users to a nice web site on standards” and “maybe I could pdf my web site and make users do that.” These thoughts were the desperation speaking. I dreamt all night about CSS classes, divs, and elements and woke up determined to find something that would work. Enter my new hero: Tonico Strasser who authored an awesome layout which I based my design on. I have learned so much about CSS…and this experience has been an education. I am still not a fan of IE, but it is something we have to deal with and I have dealt with it. I have a few spacing issues with IE still, but everything looks pretty good. Sixty plus hours worth it? Yes. Standards are important.

day 2, style sheet 2.

Well well. Who says you should settle? I decided to completely re-write my style sheet and I have almost everything down for both IE and Netscape (FireFox, Safari, Netscape) browsers. Some things I still need to look at are the bulleted lists on the right (blog) and some other details. I again feel like I have taken CSS to another level.

So why did I switch style sheets? I went over to a friend’s house last night and saw the horror of my web site in IE for Windows. I came home and made some adjustments, but then got frustrated and knew there had to be another way…here I am.

What I have learned…well for one, IE is not pleasant to work with, time to get a “get Firefox” logo for this web site. IE does not play nice in so many ways, but the killer is it does not like min/max-width, and that is very important to this design. All other browsers that I have tested obey the min/max-width, but not IE…this was the major reason I had to start from scratch again. I decided that being able to stretch it for IE was better than the absolute mess I saw before. I am hoping I can find a fix somewhere, but for now I am ok with that…I suppose.

Other than that, this whole design has been a great learning opportunity and I am excited to figure out these last few bugs so I can enjoy the design instead of working on it…well at least for a few weeks. So, if you see something weird, believe me, I am aware of it…and am on the case.

css, a voyage.

Oh my. Well, by blog was getting ugly with all of my leftover CSS problems, so I decided to sit down and figure this out. I have 95% of all this figured out, still some problems with Firefox and the li dots. I am not happy with the word/letter spacing, but who knows. All this CSS work makes me want to redesign my site…again, but I need a break, and I need to focus on making my current one better. So many things that I like. Well, I am burned out. CSS…

another day, another design.

This is officially design #4 for My web sites are always evolving, and I am always trying to build my template library, so here we are again. I needed a PSU blue for my site, and I finally have it. I have not used this blue since 1998, and when looking at my site…all I could think of was man, I really miss one of my fist designs, using this blue.
Anyway…back to business of trying to figure out and simply my css for wordpress.

more fun with css.

Well, here I am again, on style sheet #14 for WordPress. I have everything basically re-done, except for the right menus so that they mirror the menus on the left side. Yes, this is redesign #4 or so with my blog/web site, but I just could not handle a dark background color.
More to come soon.

The Joys of Quality Assurance

So close, yet so far away. After hours of staring and adjustments, I still have a few outstanding design problems.

  • The menu alignment. I cannot seem to figure out what is holding it back from lining up with the other top items in Mozilla/Firefox yet is at the very top in IE.
  • In Mozilla/Firefox, and IE ( I got sloppy and QA’ed in Safarif first), my left column is not extending all the way to the bottom.

Details…that drive me crazy, so I am sure I will wake up tonight/tomorrow morning with the answers. (or at least I hope so)

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almost there.

Well, new designs, new learning experiences. I have lots to share later about CSS and about WordPress layout, but I need a break. I still need to get my main menu from the rest of the site into the blog layout, and figure out why my top menu item is not lining but, but the end is near. I have some Mozilla/Firefox issues to deal with, but they are minor.
More later. Time to go home and play SoCom II.
[tags]CSS,, SoCom II, WordPress[/tags] coming soon

Well, I finally took the plunge and bought my own domain name.
So what is jappler?

Back in 1998, I needed a character name for Diablo so I came up with Sir Japple (J for my first name initial, apple, for my beloved hardware/software company. Then in 1999, Quake 3 Arena came out and the deault name for the character was “Player”. I decided I would use Japple, so I typed it in, but somehow mistakenly took the “r” from “player” so my name turned out to be “Jappler” instead of “Japple”. Jappler stuck, and now, a few years later will be my domain name.

I plan to set up a redirect script this weekend after I move all my files/databases over to the new domain so no one will be left behind. I can finally use php and mysql on my personal web pages (.mac does not offer php/mysql support at this time)

new look.

It is that time where I am customizing the look and feel of this web site so stay tuned for some future enhancement and changes. Eventually I will fully customize the template that I am currently using, but small steps first.

I still need to adjust the right side of the page, but it is getting closer. Fun with CSS layout!