How to Test .htaccess Files

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A quick way to find out if your server is reading your .htaccess files is to type “test” or any text into it. If the .htaccess file is being used – you will get a server error when you reload a page on that site. If you do not get an error – you most likely need to adjust your AllowOveride directive so it does not use “None”.

13 thoughts on “How to Test .htaccess Files”

  1. Doug

    Why would it not be working? Perhaps you need to invest in a quality web hosting product like Mac OS X Server.

    • AtomWorks

      Are you guys being sarcastic because I’m dealing with an OS X Server at the moment and its default setup is more then a little problematic for CMS systems.

      • Jennifer Zelazny

        I am so sarcastic when it comes to OS X Server. I actually prefer to use Mac OS X when I had Xserves. The cost is too much for the added “admin” features with OS X Server…and I am sure you heard “it will be fixed in the next version” a few times.

  2. jeremiah

    you should finish this article by saing “If you get no server error page, you don’t have htaccess support on your web hoster.”

  3. jack fisher

    if the .htaccess file not working your entry page should show error ? no ?
    whyelse would you wan to test your file ??
    some additional lines may be for cache , gzip and other commands
    best regards

  4. Webteam Asia

    I had recently added some “deny” access restrictions on one of my websites’ .htaccess, Is there any way to test and see if it’s working?


  5. Mat


    a.) add the following line of code to your .htaccess file
    redirect 301 /filename.html

    b.) create an empty filename.html file

    c.) upload .htaccess and filename.html files to your doc root

    d.) point your browser at

    e.) check result…

    if you have .htaccess enabled on your server, hey presto, you will be redirected to the truth

    good luck

  6. Dikaio

    How in the world does an OSX Server have anything to do with a .htaccess file? Ubuntu/OSX both have apache with a default install and both need you to modify the config files to get .htaccess to work.

  7. wajid

    thats a nice post you effort for this thanks for this one i want to test my site htaceesss file weather it is workiing of not

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