It is that time where I am customizing the look and feel of this web site so stay tuned for some future enhancement and changes. Eventually I will fully customize the template that I am currently using, but small steps first.

I still need to adjust the right side of the page, but it is getting closer. Fun with CSS layout!

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CSS Standards Web Development

conquerer of css layout!

I finally took the next step with CSS and created/modified my digitalclutter layout so I now have more time to focus on my content! I will be adding/adjusting some little things, but I think I am finally happy with the layout.


Back from Vacation

I am back from a quick trip to my annual family reunion/home/Penn State. I got a lot of driving in (1400 miles) and I had a lot of interesting conversations with some family members. I sometimes forget that I am related to hardcore Republicans and people that say “well some things that are mentioned in […]