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web site optimization.

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The last few days I became obsessed with optimizing It was loading slower and slower with what seemed to be every passing day. Since I had originally designed my web site for an earlier version of WordPress, I figured it was about time for a tune up. I went to the ever-so-helpful codex, to help me figure out what was going on. I went through a number of different steps to troubleshoot the problem and I thought the steps I took might be helpful to others. Is it my host or my site? At first I thought it was... Read More » Read more

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optimaztion time.

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Well, it has been awhile since I have done any maintenance on and over the last few weeks, I have noticed a bit of a slow down when the pages load. I took some time today to look at the php code, style sheets, templates, etc and have at least tracked down the problem…somewhat. My site flies with other WordPress templates, but there is something about mine that WordPress does not like. I had originally designed my template for an earlier version of WordPress and I guess it is time I update it. Please bare with my site slowness... Read More » Read more


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Well, well. Ken and I often play Yahoo! Pool and to make things interesting, I thought we could play a best of 3, winner gets some sort of web service (coding/design, etc) from the loser. I played a good first game, but Ken went 2-0, causing me to create and set up: Do not worry, I plan to win today, and since Ken is a Zen Certified Engineer, you know I will get something good. 😉 [tags]Ken Pesanka, blog[/tags] Read more

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web hosts, the journey continues.

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Ken often asks me: “what is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?”. The last time he asked I told him I would take a cab to a Land Rover dealer and buy myself a Range Rover. I would like to continue my response to add that I would then drive home and go to and buy three Xserves. Two for web servers (one main, one failover) and the other Xserve as a development server or backup server (or game server). I would drive my new Range Rover with the Xserves in the back to... Read More » Read more


jappler dashboard widget updated.

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After a few months of using my dashboard widget, I decided I needed to update it ever so slightly to take longer post names into consideration. Download the Dashboard widget. Once things slow down a little, I am going to look into how to create a widget for Konfabulator so both Windows and Mac users can enjoy my widget. [tags], dashboard, widget[/tags] Read more

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a new day, another host.

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 0 Comments will be moving to a new host ASAP. I have been moving hosts for awhile now…and thought I had a good one: After some downtime and idiotic conversation with the “support”, I decided I deserved better and needed to be able to take more responsiblity for my web presence. I decided to go, upon recommendation from Ken, to ServInt (the people that use) [tags]web hosts,, ServInt[/tags] Read more

CSS General Web Development dashboard widget!

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Time to take things to the next level…my love for (Mac OS X 10.4 + Web Development) = Dashboard widget creation time. When I first got my hands on Mac OS X 10.4, I was not too crazy about Dashboard, but after WWDC I started to like it more and more. I wanted to start off with a simple widget, so I decided that it would be cool to have a widget that would display the past 10 posts while also having the option to search old posts/pages. I have a few other plans in mind for other widgets,... Read More » Read more

Content Management Systems General Web Development WordPress database driven (finally)!

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For years I have been searching for a web site solution that would fit my needs: easy to change and edit content (via any web browser) integrated blog integrated search easy to maintain database driven templates able to adapt to mobile technologies I have played with many CMSes over the years, and I finally realized the power of Plone, but your average hosting company does not offer plone hosting. None of the other CMSes really appealed to me because I had to do so many customizations, and I really don’t have any membership needs, so I decided to look elsewhere... Read More » Read more

General Web Development v6 upcoming

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My posts have been more sporatic than usual because once again, I got the CSS bug…the need to redo the site I have now to be cleaner with a brand new backend. I am hoping to have the design and backend completely done in the next two days. I have at least 3-4 more hours gettint the CSS in place so that it looks good on Opera for PC/Mac, IE for Mac/PC, Firefox on Linux (and my Mac), Safari, and Netscape for Mac/PC. Once the new design is in place, I will explain more, but until then, back to coding.... Read More » Read more

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excuse the dust, updated to WP 1.5.

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I updated my installation of WordPress to 1.5, and am still working out some problems with some of the plugins that have not been updated yet. I am hoping to get everything working ASAP, but until then, you might notice a few things are a little funky (like my photos). I have also been going through my plugins and trying to add more functionality, so stay tuned! [tags]WordPress[/tags] Read more