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When Designing – Use Real Content

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There are many lessons to learn out there as a designer, and please let this be at the top of your list: when designing something – whether it be a business card, a brochure, or a web site – use real content. Lately – when doing any design work for a client – we always make sure they provide us with actual content so they can see their content in a working design. Often clients will see another site they like – want you to use similar ideas – but in actuality – their content is completely different or would... Read More » Read more

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Jappler Recommends: jQuery TOOLS

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About a year or so back Demitrious shot me over a link to something he thought looked pretty slick: jQuery TOOLS. I took a quick look but never did anything else with it because I had my old standbys in place for most of what jQuery TOOLS offered (overlays, tabs, tooltips, etc). What does jQuery TOOLS offer? Tabs Tooltips Overlays Expose Scrollable Flashembed Last week I decided to finally step out of using what I normally used (Thickbox for overlays) and try something from jQuery TOOLS. One look at their demo and I was completely sold. The overlays were slick,... Read More » Read more

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Out With the Old, In With the New

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As you might have noticed – I took a week off from blogging in order to focus on something else – cleaning up Over the past few months I have learned so much more about WordPress, web site optimization, and what I really used this web site for – so I decided I needed to take some time to redo this site. From a design perspective, I decided to darken the colors quite a bit in order to remove some of the drabness of the old design. I also added a background pattern to give some depth, and also... Read More » Read more

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RoundCube Webmail Update

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I have been using Squirrelmail since the late 1990s and while it works and is dependable – the interface is still stuck in the 1990s. A year or so ago I looked at another webmail project: RoundCube Webmail but it was quire ready for primetime. The developers just released a new version which looks promising. If you are in need of a webmail solution – give it a shot. Read more

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Sliding Doors + Sons of Suckerfish = Jappler Menus!

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 28 Comments

There have been two great menu and navigation techniques I have used over the last few years: Sliding Doors of CSS Sons of Suckerfish (for drop down menus) I have used both of these techniques on several web sites, but crazily not together…until a week ago when a client decided they wanted to move away from their antiquated menus that relied on hundreds of lines of javascript, HTML tables, and over 40 image files (for seven tabs). This technique works in IE 6, IE 7, Firefox, and Safari. After I had put the code into place I thought it might... Read More » Read more

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Adobe Web UI

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I have not spent a lot of time on the Adobe web site since the Adobe/Macromedia meld. I have to say – after just spending 10 minutes on the Adobe web site (buying Photoshop CS3), I am very disappointed with their layout and their implementation of the layout. There were numerous spots where the menus did not load for several seconds (longer than other web sites), text was cut off, and during page load – elements were just really ugly. Yes – this happens sometimes, but I expected a lot more from Adobe. On top of this, the font looks... Read More » Read more

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Best Designs Are Results of Accidents/Mistakes

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I have found over the last eight or so years that my best designs actually result from mistakes or accidents when working in Photoshop. Give me a few minutes in PhotoShop and I can whip up a good design or grpahic. Give me a few hours and I am willing to bet I will choose the wrong filter, accidentally change the opacity of something and bingo…there is the finishing touch to the design/graphic I needed. This is much of the case with the new design I am working on. So when in doubt, open Photoshop and start playing around. Read more