Best Designs Are Results of Accidents/Mistakes

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I have found over the last eight or so years that my best designs actually result from mistakes or accidents when working in Photoshop.

Give me a few minutes in PhotoShop and I can whip up a good design or grpahic.

Give me a few hours and I am willing to bet I will choose the wrong filter, accidentally change the opacity of something and bingo…there is the finishing touch to the design/graphic I needed.

This is much of the case with the new design I am working on. So when in doubt, open Photoshop and start playing around.

3 thoughts on “Best Designs Are Results of Accidents/Mistakes”

  1. Mersenne Twister

    hey man, it’s the same with music 🙂

    it’s always the mistakes/experimentations/accidents that open up the way for good designs/music (and probably science? and other arts etc.).
    that’s what i was thinking about this issue as well, and you pinpointed it !:)


  2. Doug

    For me it is do it right initially in a few minutes, convince myself it could be better, agonize over it for days, and finally decide what I made in the first few minutes was the best anyway.

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