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Serenity Now!

Fun times. Nothing says fun like finding weird things that the previous home owner thought was a good idea. Today’s fun thing: sump pump drainage into the driveway. Water flowing down the driveway + extremely cold temperatures = skating rink. I have spent the last 2 hours chipping ice, salting, chipping ice, and trying to figure out how to stop this…all while working in the bitter below 0 cold weather. Amy and I jumped into the Volvo (which always like the challenge of a cold start) and went to Home Depot to get more salt (the industrial strength kind that works below 0) and a collapsable hose to extend the sump pump drainage accross the driveway into the side yard. Of course I did not measure it and when we got home, it was too short. Off to Home Depot again. Yeah, and the sump pump keeps putting out more water. I decided to dump some sandbox sand I had left over in front of it to stop it for now. Ahh fun times. Not to mention our mail carrier slipped on a small patch of ice (pre sump pump problem) and has showed both of our dog walkers the bruise she has. After showing the bruise to both of our dog walkers, she is threatening to sue. Funny how she walks right across our yard whenever I see her deliver the mail. Like my mother told me…”watch where you walk. If you step on ice, you might fall.”

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