Design in James Bond Movies

Check out this great 5 minute video about designing sets, fantastic items, and paying attention to detail in the James Bond films (one of my favorite series).

Looking For Inspiration for Over 12 Years:

Over the past 12 years (I remember starting to look to Apple for great web design back in 1999) – I have often looked to Apple’s web site for best practices in navigation (top/tabbed), general layout, and usage of imagery when thinking about designing web sites for myself or my clients. I have to admit – in the last year or so I have not gone to Apple’s web site to really spend time looking at what they have done new, until this morning. Look for some proof of this time spent in my next WordPress premium theme.

It did not take long to realize Apple still does web design right. Everything is extremely clean, easy to navigate, the imagery is beautiful, and even the text looks amazing. Apple does a great job of spacing everything, adding in just enough cool javascript (sliders/slideshows, etc) to make everything extremely clean and perfectly executed.

Next time you are thinking about creating a design – take a few minutes and zip around the Apple web site. You cannot help but to be inspired. They have put in an amazing amount of time to piece together something that is truly amazing and I am sure will continue to do so in the years to come.

A Trip Down Apple Memory Lane

I have been a die hard Apple fan since I can remember. I have a closet full of old Apple products (desktops, laptops, a Cube, eMates, Newtons, displays, iPods, etc) that I have either had in the past or have since bought for my collection. I ran across a blog post filled with pictures (and memories) of The Evolution of Apple Design Between 1977-2008. If you were ever an Apple fan or have an interest in design – check this out!

On another note – I have been collecting all this Apple stuff so that one day I can go through all of it with my kid(s) and show them just how far we have come. Let’s hope they at least find it semi-interesting!

macbook pro it is!

Well, I have been patiently waiting to buy a nice Apple laptop and finally something looked and sounded good to me – the 2.16Ghz MacBook Pro which I bought today. My first impressions: “wow this packaging is really nice”, “wow this is super fast”, and “great job Apple”. I love Apple and their products because they understand the whole user experience down to the last detail. The packaging itself is art. The lines of their products are well thought out and beautiful. There is so much effort put into the little things that it makes the product as a whole a wonderful and exciting thing of beauty. When the new PwerBooks/MacBooks came out, I was sold when I saw the MagSafe power adapter. So yes, I am quite excited. I am even more excited that it is a business expense. 😉

best designs are results of accidents/mistakes.

I have found over the last eight or so years that my best designs actually result from mistakes or accidents when working in Photoshop. Give me a few minutes in PhotoShop and I can whip up a good design or grpahic. Give me a few hours and I am willing to bet I will choose the wrong filter, accidentally change the opacity of something and bingo…there is the finishing touch to the design/graphic I needed. This is much of the case with the new design I am working on. So when in doubt, open Photoshop and start playing around.
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